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Service list

Our staff is trained under the direction of AVEDA.  We do not conduct tiered talent pricing.  Once an AVEDA apprentice is promoted to our salon floor, they have full competency in the services they are conducting.  

Our apprentices are mentored by our owner, Teresa Wesson, Master Stylist and Platform Artist, and are guided in the exceptional standards you will find at our salon.  

Work is love made visible - Khalil Gibran

Please be our guest. 

Balayage, Balayage smudge root, Balayage highlight or lowlight or both.   ( price oriented to time and guests hair length, thickness, density and texture)


Pronounced BAH-LEE-AHGE, balayage is actually a French word meaning ‘sweeping,’ as to sweep on a hair lightener to create highlights. Balayage is the technique of free-hand painting highlights onto the hair, creating a soft and natural gradation of lightness towards the ends. The result is the look of summers spent at the beach, or the fresh, unintentionally perfect highlights on a child. Natural-looking and performed on all shades of hair from blonde, brunette, to red, it is the most style-conscious technique in fashion and is widely popular.

Of course, there are variations in application preferences: some colorists don’t separate the hair, while others separate the hair with cotton pieces, and others prefer using foil as a divider. There are different application nuances that produce slightly varied results, but the main reason balayage has become so popular is that it allows colorists to hand select the pieces of hair they want to highlight. Due to the customized, natural-looking placement, balayage also allows for a softer grow out.


All haircuts include a guest consultation with a stress relieving experience, mini facial, shampoo, blow dry and makeup touch up. Tiered prices based on approximate service times.



Salon prices are calculated by time spent in the salon chair.  Haircuts are broken down by time increments.  Most haircuts are 75.00-85.00.  Shorter haircuts, often maintained more frequently, can have shorter time blocks assigned.  Please call the salon if you are unsure of which haircut to book, or take your best guest and book online, and we can stretch that time out for you if you will call us. We are here to help .


Haircut session 30 minutes  no shampoo 50 (short hair only)

Haircut session 20 minutes with shampoo 50 (short hair only)

Haircut session 50 minutes no shampoo 75.00

Haircut session 40 minutes with shampoo and blow dry 75.00

Haircut session with owner (+ 10)

Helix Curly cut 125+  (1 hr , 15 mins)

Straight razor cut 100.00 (owner only)

Youth Haircut (for children 10 and under. must be accompanied by adult )$40+

Blowout 55+

Blowout w/Thermal /iron or wand 65+

Updo, half-up, 75+


Our hair spa services can be added to any haircut or shampoo style.

** Must be added to a hair, color or chemical service

Botanical Repair Treatment ** $30

Dry Remedy Penetrating Moisture ** $30

Pramasana Scalp Treatment ** $30

Express Botanical Hair Therapy ** $20

Nutriplenish Treatment ** $Relaxer Price based upon consultation


Permanent Wave Price based upon consultation

Brazilian Blowout Anti-Frizz Smoothing Treatment 325+

Brazilian Blowout Rewind Anti Aging Anti-Frizz Treatment 125+


Plant derived, vegan hair color 

All Over Color 120+

Highlight – Simple 110+

Highlight – Simple

(w/ all over color) 150+

Highlight – Full 150+

Highlight – Full

(w/ all over color) 160+

Balayage - Partial 160

Balayage - Full 180+

Enlighten & Finish

(all over) 200+

Enlighten & Finish

(regrowth) 170+

Express Shine Treatment 85+

Express Shine Treatment

(add-on to haircut) 50+

5 Min Grey Blending 70+

 5 Min Grey Blending

(add-on to haircut) 55+


Eyebrows $18+

Lip $15+

Chin/Cheek (each) $18+

Nose Wax $15+

Underarm $25+

Half Arm $25+

Full Arm $35+


Eyebrow Tint 25+

Lash Tint 45+

Lash Lift $65+

Lash Lift + Tint $80+


Full set volume and length 175+

Fill-in lash service 110+

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  • womens haircut 75.00 up
  • Eyelash extensions (1 hour and 15 minutes) eyelash extensions can be completed during any chemical service!)
  • women's blow out 55.00 up
  • helix haircut 100-125.00 up
  • mens haircut 45.00 up
  • AVEDA color 110 up (based on length, density)
  • AVEDA highlghting 150 up 
  • AVEDA clear or tinted gloss 75.00 up
  • Color correction ( price based on consultation) (you may text us a picture, just contact front desk for instructions)